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Tired of poor mobility destroying your WOD’s?
Persistent lower back pain and shoulders that freeze up?

If you want to perform Mobility exercises or Mobility stretches like an athlete, you need to train like an athlete – and that means looking after yourself.

MobilizeMe App has you covered!

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Join over 16,000 other athletes using the MobilizeMe App to improve their mobility.

Available in the app stores.

Improve your mobility improve your performance!

Whether it’s preparing properly before a WOD or doing maintenance mobility work on the weekend, the MobilizeMe App has you covered.

With over 80 stretches and mobility exercises the MobilizeMe App with help you move better, recover faster and train harder.

The MobilizeMe App is like having your own personal Physio in your pocket. With all stretches and mobility exercises explained, you will be moving like an athlete in no time. Download it for FREE from either the Apple or Google App stores.

A lot of todays functional strength training places tremendous workload on certain muscle groups that simple aren’t ready. Certain exercises get falsely accused of being too dangerous when in fact the real danger is the lack of mobility to execute articular exercises correctly.

No more cringing when you see Overhead Squats or Snatch!

  • Mobility for every movement in your WOD accessible on your smart phone.
  • No lugging around a big book. Easy to understand with step by step instructions and pictures.
  • Easy to find exercises all grouped by type of exercise, body part or equipment can easily store your favorite exercises in a folder for later use.
  • Timer to make sure you spend the right amount of time doing your mobility.
  • No need to search all over google to find the stretch you’re looking for.
  • No waiting for videos to download from Youtube
  • Suited to athletes of all levels
  • Great search facility to help you find exactly what you need
Weightlifting mobility

Everything to help you improve your training!


Select stretches based on equipment, body part or movement

Mobilize Me Mobility exercises


Utilise our stopwatch and timers during your warm-ups and warm-downs

Mobilize Me Mobility App


Add your favorite stretches to custom groups for easy reference



Detailed steps on how to perform stretches including images to make it easier



New videos being uploaded weekly so stretches are even easier to follow*


Example Stretches

Correctly mobilising the right muscle groups before and after training can go a long way to not only improving your performance and the speed at which you improve but also dramatically lower your risk of injury.

The MobilizeMe™ App puts all of the stretches and mobilisation techniques that you will ever need right in the palm of your hand. Each stretch and mobilisation has clear detailed instructions as well as pictures so you can easily work on any muscle group you like. All exercises are grouped by movement, exercise or body part so you can easily find the stretches that you require.

The free version of the MobilizeMe App contains a limited number of popular stretches while the paid version (only $5.99) contains over 80 stretches and video like below.

Banded Rack Position Stretch

Banded Rack Position Stretch

Banded Glute Stretch


Squats, wall balls, thrusters, snatch, pistols, lunges, cleans


Hip, glutes, piriformis, gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, obturator internus, TFL, gemelli superior, inferior, quadratus femoris


Resistance Band

Step 1.


Place a medium resistance band around the bottom of the rig/pole. Sit down and place the top of the thigh of the leg to be stretched.

Step 2.


Move your body away from the rig to gain some resistance on the band, you may need to place the opposite foot on the pole to hold yourself in position

Bring your knee towards your chest and then rotate the hip so that the foot moves towards the midline of the body (hip external rotation).

Step 3.


Keep one hand on your knee and push gently outwards. Keep the other hand on the ankle and gently pull inwards. You should feel this stretch in the back of the hip/glutes. Do not allow your lower back to rotate, you want to keep it contact with the floor.

Hold 2 minutes. Repeat on opposite side.

Join over 16,000 other athletes using the MobilizeMe App to improve their mobility.

Available in the app stores.

What our customers say…

Since using the MobilizeMe App my knowledge and understanding on mobility and body maintenance has improved out of sight. Not only has it helped my training but also my coaching approaches in aiding the athletes I coach to train longer and recover faster throughout their week to week sessions.
Zeke Grove, Coach/owner Live Elite Crossfit
Mobility is an important aspect of Crossfit, but sometimes overlooked by athletes. I discovered the hard way how beneficial mobility actually is to your daily sessions, your performance, your flexibility and ultimately the prevention of injury. I struggled with a shoulder injury early this year and while receiving treatment, I also downloaded the Mobilizeme app to assist with rehabilitation. It has proven to be extremely convenient prior to the start of every Crossfit session, with easy to follow descriptions and photos of the stretches you need for the particular movement standards described in the WOD for that day.

I also refer to the App when I’m at home watching TV or relaxing, I can easily select the body part I wished to work on and it tells you what you are trying to achieve out of the stretch. Its pretty much like having a little Physio in your pocket 24/7. I highly recommend this App for anyone who wishes to increase his or her mobility and strength.

Beck Smith, 30th Australia/Nz region open 2014
The MobilizeMe App is an excellent tool for both my members and myself. It simplifies a comprehensive subject and makes it easy to target the correct body parts and muscles. The more prepared my athletes are heading into class, the less chance of injury and the more time we can spend working. The app also provides me with great ideas to bring into my classes, and of course for my own training as well. I recommend this tool to any athlete, and the CrossFit Affiliate owners especially
Brian Costello, Head Coach/Owner Crossfit Long Island, New York
Love this app! As a box owner it helps me program specific mobility for our WODs. Mobility is an overlooked aspect of CF and now it will be made easier with this easier to follow app!!! Thanks guys you just saved me heaps of time and effort!.

MobilizeMe™ Sponsored Athletes

Zeke Grove

Zeke Grove

Beck Smith

Beck Smith

Beck Smith


The MobilizeMe App is available now in the app stores for FREE*.

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The MobilizeMe App Lite is available for to download for free and an in-app upgrade for $5.99 (AUD) will unlock additional stretches and videos.